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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Petrolia Optometry our eye doctors pride themselves on providing our patients with a thorough and complete comprehensive eye exam including a discussion about vision solutions tailored to each patient's specific needs. We enjoy taking the time to know our patients and answer their questions! A comprehensive eye exam at our optometry practice in Petrolia, ON  includes the following components (although variations may occur because of a patient’s age, abilities, and general health and eye conditions):

  • petrolia examroom2a health history with emphasis your on eyes and vision, including your specific vision needs;
  • measurement of visual acuity (for example 20/20);
  • measurement of refractive error (for example far-sightedness, near- sightedness, astigmatism);
  • determination of the alignment of the eyes;
  • determination of the way the eyes adjust focus from distance to near;
  • examination of the eyes for any disease or abnormalities;
  • a diagnosis from the results of the examination;
  • recommendations for any treatment required, which may include referral to another health care provider;
  • provision of a prescription or treatment plan for vision correction if required; and
  • any counseling or advice that is necessary, including need for future vision care.

In addition, all adults will be offered a dilated fundus exam and digital retinal imaging. Non- OHIP insured comprehensive eye exams include digital retinal imaging.

A dilated fundus exam, cycloplegic refraction and/or digital retinal imaging may also be recommended for children under the age of 20 years old depending on the results of their exam.

At Petrolia Optometry, we love to hear our patients say “that was the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had”!



We are open for general eyecare! Our hours – Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 5. When shopping for glasses, you will enjoy the attention of a Personal Shopper as one of our enhanced hygienic measures! Please click here to read our new hygiene protocol.

An important notice from Dr. St. Pierre: Today, optometrists in Ontario start Job Action. Ever ytime a patient walks through my door for an exam, it costs me on average $80 (staff, PPE, office supplies, occupation costs) to see that person. That’s before I get paid for my time. The Ontario government pays me $25.15 to perform a partial exam and does not allow me to bill the patient any more. That means every time I see a patient for an OHIP covered eye exam, I am subsidizing the cost of that eye exam out of my own pocket. This is not sustainable. As a small business owner in the time of COVID-19, I am struggling to provide quality eyecare to my community with the current OHIP funding agreement. As of today, all patient driven partial exams and MEE exams will no longer be booked in my clinic, but referred elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.