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Contact Lens Policy

The Contact Lens Prescription:

Contact lenses are regulated as medical devices by Health Canada¹. A valid Contact Lens Prescription is required to order contact lenses from Petrolia Optometry or any reputable online service.

A valid Contact Lens Prescription must be less than two years old and include the following parameters: contact lens brand, power (and as needed: cylinder power, cylinder axis, add power, centre near/distance), base curve and diameter. The optics of contact lenses are not the same as glasses and, therefore, an eyeglass prescription is not interchangeable for a Contact Lens Prescription.

The Contact Lens Exam:

The determination of a Contact Lens Prescription’s parameters requires care, time and follow-up visits. This is not included in an OHIP insured eye exam or a patient paid Comprehensive Eye Exam. A Contact Lens Prescription will only be generated following a:

  1. Contact Lens Exam (in association with an OHIP insured eye exam) or a
  2. Comprehensive Eye Exam with Contact Lens Exam or a
  3. Contact Lens Fit and Teach.

A Contact Lens Prescription expires two years from the contact lens exam date.

A Contact Lens Exam can only be performed if the patient wears their contact lenses to their eye exam.

Contact Lens Orders:

A valid Contact Lens Prescription is required to order contact lenses from Petrolia Optometry. Contact lenses ordered through our office must be picked up paid in full within 6 weeks of the patient being notified that the contact lenses are ready for pickup.

¹Health Canada Contact Lens Regulation:

Updated Jan 2021