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Q&A with Doctor Jessica St. Pierre

What is the Eye See…Eye Learn Program?

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The Eye See…Eye Learn Program provides prescription eye glasses to all Junior Kindergarten students in Ontario that require them at no charge. A student must first have a comprehensive eye exam (covered by OHIP) and order the glasses though a participating optometrist.

Who is eligible for the program?

From July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, any child born in 2012, enrolled in Junior Kindergarten and having a valid OHIP card is eligible for the program.

How do I found out which optometrists are participating in the program? 

Visit the Eye See…Eye Learn website to find out which of your local optometrists are participating in the program by clicking here.


Petrolia Optometry's Dr. Jessica St. Pierre presenting the Eye See... Eye Learn Program to the medical staff at the Central Lambton Family Health Team

The optometrists of Petrolia Optometry are participating in the program.

How can you examine a child if they don’t know how to read or know their letters?

Optometrists have techniques for examining patients of all ages and all abilities. Patients can be examined even if they don’t know how to read, know their letters or numbers, or even know how to talk! Specifically for the 3-4 year olds participating in the Eye See…Eye Learn Program we use a picture chart (horse, duck, etc.) to determine acuities.

My child hasn’t told me they are having any particular issues. Should they still have an exam done?  

Young children do not have the experience necessary to know what is normal as far as their vision is concerned; they often assume that everyone sees things the way they do. Therefore, do not assume that your child will tell you when they have a problem with their vision. Annual eye exams are recommended for all children whether a problem is suspected or not.