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Preparing for your Eye Exam

Phropter girl eye exam

Here are some helpful and time saving tips before your appointment at our Petrolia optometry practice:

What to bring with you to the eye examination:

1. Your valid OHIP card, even if you believe that your eye exam will not be covered by OHIP. If, during the course of your eye exam, the doctor discovers that we are able to bill OHIP instead of you then we will do that, but we will need a valid health card. If you have recently renewed your health card, and have not received your new health card yet, bring the printout from the OHIP office that states your new version code and when it will take effect. Green OHIP cards have an expiry date on the front of the card. Please check to make sure that your OHIP is not expired before arriving for your exam.

2. Any eyewear that you may use including: prescription glasses, non-prescription readers or sunglasses.

3. Any eye drops you regularly use.

4. An up to date list of your medications including over the counter medications.

5. If you prefer not to drive when your pupils are dilated, please bring a driver with you. We offer pupil dilation to all adults 20 years old or older every time they have a full eye exam.

6. Please be prepared to show us your driver’s license so that we can confirm your class of driver’s license and if you have currently have a corrective lenses restriction. Optometrists are legally required to report to the Ministry of Transportation if a patient 16 years old or older requires corrective lenses in order to see well enough to drive.

7. If you would like computer or music glasses, measure the distance between the computer screen or musical instrument and your eyes.

8. If you are have a follow-up from a laser procedure with Dr. Ibrahim, please bring the card from Dr. Ibrahim’s office stating which procedure you had done, which eyes and the date of your procedure.

9. Your completed patient registration form. The form can be found here.

For contact lens wearers:

1. If you are a new patient to our office and wear contact lenses, bring in the contact lens packaging or boxes with contact lens brand, power and base curve (BC). If you ran out and do not know your contact lens prescription, call your previous office/optical and ask them to fax it to us at: (226) 738-0510.

2. Wear your contact lenses to your eye exam. Ideally you should have your contact lenses in your eyes for at least 2 hours before arriving for your exam.

3. Also bring your contact lens case, solution and a pair of glasses to wear if you do not put your contact lenses back in after your exam.

4. If you having a contact lens “Fit and Teach” appointment, please make sure that your finger nails are trimmed short and filed smooth. 

And lastly….

1. For our location and directions to our office, click here.

2. Please remember to “Like” us on Facebook so that you can keep up to date with important events at our office such as weather and hydro outage related office closings, or promotions like our Annual Frame Shows.

3. Remember that we are looking forward to seeing you and taking care of all of your vision related needs!

We are open for general eyecare! Our hours – Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 5. When shopping for glasses, you will enjoy the attention of a Personal Shopper as one of our enhanced hygienic measures! Please click here to read our new hygiene protocol.

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